Reef Shopping: Twinny – Comfy Clothes that Clean the Ocean!

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Twinny is a brand-new clothing company, started and run by surfers in Jacksonville, Florida. Their tagline, “Live Ocean Minded,” is reflected in both their products and their practices – every item sold, they collect 1 pound of ocean-bound plastic. The primary source of plastic in the ocean comes from hotspots that lack proper waste management systems and cause plastic to flow downstream into the sea. To fight this problem, they fund adequate waste management systems to stop pollution. They  also provide carbon-neutral shipping on every order.


They are also always on the hunt for local plastic pollution. If you see a beach or waterway in need from Jax Beach to Flagler Beach, let Twinny know, and they’ll plan a clean-up crew. In partnership with CleanHub, they’ve cleaned up 1,882 lbs of beach litter to date!

And while they emphasize clean-ups, they also challenge traditional fashion; instead of making short-lived attire, they focus on crafting quality pieces inspired by nature. Focusing on minimizing their impact on the earth challenges them to improve and make changes as they grow and evolve, lessening their footprint by focusing on details like emissions and water use.

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