For this episode, we had the master of Two Little Fishies, Julian Sprung himself to come out to Afishionado Headquarters to demonstrate when and how to use cyanoacrylate (CorAffix) and underwater epoxy (AquaStik) on your new corals.

This is by far the longest video that I have ever made and I intentionally kept it at this length (original footage was close to 1 hour and 50 minutes) and the reason for that is because if you know Julian, even his jokes are informational and I wanted to spread the knowledge and give you guys a chance to see how Julian is in person outside of the speaking arrangements.
Learn about the different types of glues available and their differences.  See Julian get down and dirty gluing down frags while sharing his tips for that perfect attachment, hear behind stories behind his products and his love for gorgonians! Enjoy!
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