Coral Vue always has something new on the table from the numerous brands it represents. This year was no different; the booth was packed with, among other things, the newest equipment from Reef Octopus, IceCap, and AutoAqua. My beloved Octopus Skimmers were on display, next to the latest underwater camera from IceCap, as well as few other new products from the manufacturers that CoralVue distributes. Then, there was KH Guardian.

KH Guardian is, in a single sentence, a huge step forward for aquarium monitoring and automation. This was the first time I saw one, (actually, two, as there are two models available) in person and I must say it looks impressive. KHG is the first commercially made Alkalinity Monitor and Controller (that’s the Pro model). It automates the process of measuring alkalinity by periodically taking a water sample from the tank, analyzing it with a built in colorimeter and displaying results in a real time manner. The standard version of KHG does the testing only, while the more expensive PRO Model has an additional dosing head to control alkalinity levels in the tank.

KH Guardian represents the holy grail for all SPS keepers and it’s one of the latest breakthroughs in saltwater aquarium keeping. Yes, it is expensive as hell and yes, we would all want one!

Take a look at Coral Vue’s impressive product catalog by visiting the manufacturer’s Official Page and learn more about KH Guardian HERE.

CoralVue Booth in pictures

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