il_570xN.680708285_dewkIn the full-blown frenzy of the holiday season, I was feverishly searching for new Cephalopod-inspired ornaments to adorn our little tree, so obviously an “octopus ornament” google search was in order. That little search got us here – Full Blown Glass – an online shop with a wide gamut of eight-limbed mouth-blown art glass in various shapes, sizes and functions. Get ready to fall madly in love.

They’re generously priced pieces exist in the form of ornaments, pendants, bottle stoppers, sculptures, magnifying glasses (that one’s for you, Sherlock) and glass straws. Yea, straws, so you can drink every imaginable beverage through one of these (hint: these are perfect for slurping up one of these Shark Week-themed cocktails next year). Not limited to the usual cephalo-suspects, they also carry adorable cuddly cuttlefish, nautilus, sea turtles, brittle stars , jellyfish, seahorses- the works. Each unique piece is made with borosilicate glass at the Fullblown Glass Studio in Waynesville, North Carolina.

image1As mentioned, everything is very reasonably priced, ranging from $8 and peaking at $250. An added bonus for you readers – enter the code “REEFS” at checkout at their online Etsy store and you’ll receive 15% off your purchase! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go order a bunch of octo-straws.




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