MACNA – the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America 2019 – just happened a few days ago and hurricane or no hurricane, we were there to cover it all. For this video, we checked out the whole show floor to show you guys all the hottest equipment and toys that were available. Many companies brought their latest greatest and some even brought out never before seen concept designs.

To give you an example, EcoTech Marine unveiled their new doser, Reef Octopus unveiled their blade, Reef Kinetics dropped a bombshell with their Reef Bot Pro, neptune Systems with their new ATK and PMUP, and Hydros WaveEngine had a surprise launch of affordable aquarium controllers, there was the finished product, Abex, Kessil’s newest concept light fixture that is designed after Ferrari… the list was pretty long for this amazing show.

Take a look and let me know which one you like the best and why in the comments below!

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