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   What is Reefs.me?
Reefs.me is the best way to stay connected to your tank while you are away.  It includes a set of tools for monitoring your aquarium remotely and sharing information about your tank with your friends. You can access Reefs.me either by clicking this icon at the top of any Reefs.com website, or you can type this destination directly into your browser (you need to replace the USERNAME with your unique username on the Reefs.com network) Once you are on the Reefs.me webpage, you will see a box with several tabs.  Each tab allows you to control a separate function of the system:  Please note that if you provide your unique profile URL to your friends, they will not see any of the private tabs or editable sections. We will discuss each tab below: Tank Description:  This is where you describe your tank’s style, equipment, maintenance routine, etc.  You are free to write whatever you want.  You can also include a link to your Tank Thread or personal website.  After you have entered the information about your tank, click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.  Here is the layout of this tab:    

My Fish: A list of the fish you currently own.  To add fish to your list, go into the Fish Database, find the fish you have, and fill out the form on the top right where it says “I Own X of this Fish”.  This fish will be added to your list.  Repeat this process to add additional fish.  You can delete fish from your list directly from the list itself.  Here is the layout of this tab:

My Corals: A list of the corals you own.  You can add corals to this list by submitting them to the Coral Database.  You can remove corals from this list directly from this tab:
   My Controller: This provides a way to retrieve data from your network enabled network controller.  You need to know the public URL of your controller.  If you have already set up connectivity to your controller for an iPhone or iPad app, this is the same “server name” or “URL” you entered there. Certain controllers like the Apex require authentication to read their statistics.  For this controller, you need to enter your username, password, and port number (typically 80) to access the RSS/XML feed.  Please note that the Reefs.me system is READ ONLY, meaning the system is unable to change any settings on your controller, it downloads data from the controller and then logs out. Once you have entered the controller information, you can click on the button below that says “Test Configuration”.  Wait for a minute and the screen will output something like this if it was successful in contacting your controller: Version: 2.0
Title: AquaController Apex RSS Feed
Copyright: Copyright 2005-2009 Neptune Systems – All Rights Reserved.
Last Update: 09/29/2011 21:34:32
Probes detected: Temp, Reactor, TankpH, Amp_3, Salinit, Amp_5
Anything other than this would indicate a connectivity problem. If your controller is working properly, click “Save Changes”.  This will cause the Reefs.me system to log into your controller and download a list of the current probes you have enabled.  The probes will appear in a list above the button.  You can check a probe to enable logging of that data on the system.  If you select 3 probes, this data will be recorded by the system at a set interval (see the “Refresh Period” option next to the Controller setting.  Increasing the rate of data checking will reduce the number of records stored in the system.  You are currently limited to 500 records. When you have selected the probes you wish to monitor, you can then select the size of the image you wish to create for your “Signature File”.  Once you Save Changes and allow the system to record some data (typically 2-3 times the Refresh Period), your image will be created.  You can use this image or URL in your signature on any website. Directly below the controller URL and authentication information, you can select from different hosted club icons to be displayed in your image. The graphs you select will be made public on your Graphs tab.
   My Tank Log: This section allows you to manually record test results or changes in your tank over time. Simply select the Event Type, enter the data point you wish to record, pick the date and time of the event, and click Save.  The event will be recorded in the log below.  Certain events relating to test results will be graphed automatically in the Graphs tab (ex. Calcium).  You can also delete individual entries from the log in the main log list below.
   Graphs: This is a public display of all statistic data from the Tank Log system as well as the automated controller poller.
   Reminders: You can create reminders for common maintenance events you perform on your tank.  For example, you can indicate that you do a water change or replace Phosban every two weeks.  Click on Create Reminder and then enter what you want to be reminded of and how often to send the reminder.  You can also select the method for the reminder from either PM or Email.  Checking the Enabled button and then the Save Changes button will create the reminder in the system.
   Webcam: If you have an internet connected webcam, you can have the Reefs.me system automatically download the current image from the camera.  Simply fill in the FTP, RSS or URL information in the form and the image will be fetched regularly.  You can select if you want the image to be public or private, and you can also add the current image to your signature in the My Controller tab.