Reefs, Waves, and Coastal Defense

by | May 19, 2014 | Conservation, Corals, Science | 0 comments

With the effects of global warming an ever-looming factor in storms worldwide, scientists from The Nature Conservancy have turned to reefs for a better understanding of the role reefs play in coastal defense. “Coral reefs are wonderful natural features that, when healthy, can provide comparable wave reduction benefits to many artificial coastal defenses and adapt to sea-level rise” “This research shows that coral reef restoration can be a cost-effective way to decrease the hazards coastal communities face due to the combination of storms and sea-level rise.” said Dr. Curt Storlazzi a co-author of the study from USGS.  140513142151-large Communities that hug coastlines are of particular concern because they are vulnerable to the effects of global warming upon reefs: “While there are many concerns about the future of corals reefs in the face of climate change, there are still many reasons for optimism about the future of coral reefs particularly if we manage other local stressors such as pollution and development.” adds Dr. Fiorenza Micheli of Stanford University. 


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