One of the biggest MACNA launches of this year, if not the biggest.

Kraken was unleashed with plenty of loot for everyone that’s in their ship.

Little back story: Coralvue had reached out to me prior to the show to help them launch one of their largest releases to date in their ever popular, ever growing Hydros ecosystem.

I had first known the existence of the Kraken right before Reef A Palooza Chicago last year and have kept my eyes and ears glued to see when this was making its appearance to the world and boy, it did so in spectacular fashion!

Come with me while I catch up with Carlos of Coralvue right after the workshop to discuss the new products, their features, and when and what you can expect from them!

Do you see yourself using one of these units in your future? Which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comment down below.

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