Remembering Jake Adams

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Reef | 0 comments

As the shock from the news of Jake’s passing starts to subside, the sadness of knowing he is truly gone forever is settling in. Jake was a leader in our industry, and was known for being a prolific writer and speaker, always eager to share his knowledge with friends, colleagues, and members of the reefkeeping community. His posts and articles covered everything from new product reviews, to tank tips and tricks, to introductions of newly discovered species of marine animals, and more. We at are honored to share his posts on our site, a full listing of which you can find HERE

As many of you know, Jake left behind not only his new wife, but a baby on the way, which he called his “little frag.” If this brilliant man helped you in any way, taught you anything, or connected with you, please consider making a donation to THIS gofundme. Thank you, and may you rest easy, Jake. You left us way too soon.

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