Resplendent Cherub Angelfish at Absolutely Fish

RCT Hawaii’s Resplendent Cherub Angelfish

Prior to the 1990s, Centropyge resplendens was affordable and common in the aquarium trade.  However, due to political changes at Ascension Island (the only place in the world Resplendent Angelfish occur), they are now a “holy grail” unobtainable species angelfish fans lust for.  Reef Culture Technologies, Hawaii has a few broodstock and has successfully bred pure C.resplendens, C.resplendens x C.fisheri hybrids, and now C.resplendens x C.argi hybrids (aka the Resplendent Cherub Angelfish).

These rare hybrids were made available through Los Angeles wholesaler Quality Marine, who then auctioned these fish to the highest bidding retailerAbsolutely Fish won the bid for one of these ultra-rare fish, and it is now available for sale.  According to them, this specimen is one of only three that will be available for sale in the United States.  Contact Absolutely Fish for more details.  Be forewarned prices will be very high.

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