Review: Coast To Coast Custom Aquariums Frag Tank

by | Aug 7, 2016 | Equipment, Fish, Reef, Science, Tanks | 0 comments

Coast To Coast Custom Aquariums.
This aquarium, a 187 gallon low iron tank with euro bracing and an external overflow, was a piece of art as the quality and craftsmanship were top notch. It was the Porsche of fish tanks! Yes, it was time to rethink my frag tank setup.
For my prior setup I went with an acrylic frag tank since it was much cheaper and lighter then glass. Nonetheless, there were some tradeoffs, as the acrylic on this 44 gallon tank scratched easily and the eurobracing began to warp. I have always been an advocate of investing in quality products (you get what you pay for) since well built products are engineered to last long and are trustworthy. Yes, a frag tank is typically not on “display” MORE


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