Richard Dawkins Reads His Lovely “Fan Mail” With Some Reef Eye Candy

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What a wicked sense of humor this man has. 73-year-old Evolutionary Biologist, author and self-proclamed atheist, Richard Dawkins, receives scads of “fan mail”, and as you can imagine, a great deal comes in the form of hate-spiked, anti-gay rantings from religious zealots clearly unhappy with the man.

Hilariously, Dawkins sits down (in front of a healthy, robust reef that I admit I was fixated on) with filmmaker Eric Preston to read some of these poorly constructed, profanity-laced works in a piece titled “Love Letters to Richard Dawkins”.

So what can you expect? Glorious blurbs as such:

“I’m sick of hearing about you and your theory of evolution. You may have evolved from ‘munk-eyes’, but leave me out of it… by the way, I do hope you get sodomized by satanic ‘munk-eyes’ in hell.”

“You suck, stupid atheist scum… you accept every single fact of science without ever questioning it – because you’re GAY!”

“Hello, Dawkins, well done – you made a fortune on your !#@#ing book – now you’re gonna burn forever, bastard”

Dawkins recites these loving notes, wishing him death by rabies or flame-thrower accident, ever so eloquently with a smile on his face, sometimes just cracking into laughter at the sheer idiocy. Regardless of your beliefs, this is beyond amusing – enjoy!



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