The RLSS CM6 Calcium Reactor

H2O System’s RLSS CM6

rlsslogo.jpgThe new RLSS CM6 features many design elements found in other high end reactors … and some unique to the CM6:

  • Thick cast acrylic construction through-out
  • 6″ diameter reaction chamber
  • DC2500 circulation DC pump.  Not only are DC pumps speed-controllable and energy efficient, but they also run much cooler than conventional pumps which should result in less calcification around the impeller (in theory at least).
  • Up-flow design with a diffuser plate & plenum at the bottom of the chamber
  • CO2 collector/recycler/mixing chamber at the top of the chamber
  • Built-in pH probe slot (at top) with water-tight silicone compression fitting
  • A secondary pass-through chamber:  Users can fill this ~500ml chamber with dolomite/aragonite (to raise pH of the effluent), GAC, GFO, or any slow-flow media.  Up to three pass-through chambers can be installed.
  • Integrated bubble counter
  • Union connections on serviceable parts
  • John Guest fittings
  • Rated for an estimated 400 gallon reef tank (exact rating TBD)
  • $549.99

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