A chance to speak up, local pickup coral marketplace and Ballin’ on a Budget. This week Jeremy is on the hunt for some new coral and fish and trying to keep up with his excess nutrients, and Peter is enjoying his newest fishy addition and winning the battle against some hair algae. All this and more on Episode 117 of the Reef News Network!


Jeremy- Hawai’i’s Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) is accepting public comments on a Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS) aimed at issuing permits to 20 Oahu aquarium fisherman. This is after a two year shut down for an environmental compliance review stemming from a Supreme Court ruling. After 2 years of compiling the most recent and comprehensive data on the fishery, this DEIS shows that the Oahu aquarium fishery has little to no detrimental impact to the environment or Native Hawaiian cultural practices. This DEIS describes scientific data from both state and federal management agencies and also includes a cultural impact assessment that directly engages the Native Hawaiian community. Aquarium fisheries in Hawaii are likely the most sustainable near shore fisheries in the state, and we continue to work with state and federal resource managers to develop additional steps to ensure the resource is healthy for future generations. Complete this form to submit comments IN SUPPORT of the DEIS. Comments will go directly to the Department of Aquatic Resources, DEIS Consultant, and the DEIS Applicant. (It only takes 3.5 minutes)

Peter- We aim to be a leader as a local coral retailer and marketplace. We strive to inspire, educate, and motivate our reefing customers and sellers on the importance of aquaculturing corals and doing business with local hobbyists. CoralPickup was launched in February 2020. The website and local coral selling service was launched by Kelsi Guidry because he saw a need for an easier way to promote local corals for sale as well as an easier way to find and buy local corals. Kelsi used his website development skills and reefing relationships to launch the first coral marketplace focused on local pickup. Sent by Blake Dufrene


Dustin Haas: Has been in the aquarium hobby for almost 15 years now. Started out in freshwater with convict cichlids which quickly started breeding, which led to more and more tanks. He also kept African cichlids and many other tropical fish for about 2 years until he got hooked into the salty side of the hobby. Started with a 10g and a mantis shrimp that someone local was throwing away. Corals and fish were right behind and has been keeping only saltwater aquariums for about 10 years now. He currently has a 40g breeder, a 32g biocube, a 20g waterbox cube, and a 75g build in process. He loves LPS corals, high end mushrooms and zoas, eels, clownfish, and anemones, and really everything this hobby has to offer. There is so much; there will always be something new. He really wants to thank his amazing wife for helping him take care of the animals, and putting up with all the spilled water over the years, she really loves the hobby too, which can be a blessing.

Kevin DaCorte: Has kept freshwater aquariums throughout his childhood and has been reefing for about 4 years. His main display is a 40-gallon breeder mixed reef and keeps a variety of corals in the tank but recently has been getting into more zoas and euphyllia. He recently bought an Apex controller and being a front-end developer by trade, has loved playing around and trying out new ways to code things into it. His favorite show he goes to every year is his and our local frag swap Frag Farmers Market. He funds his tank passion as a Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer for a bev/alc marketing company during the day.

Main Topic:

Whether just starting out, upgrading, or working with a tight budget you can have a baller system without breaking the bank! Some industry leaders and reefers may look down on the budget reefer at least in jest (I think we have all looked for a more affordable option at least a few times…) We think that there is a ton of resourcefulness and brilliance that can be born of working within the confines of a tight budget. The key is not just getting stuff on the cheap but finding options that work well and last. To be continued….

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