RNN Episode 123 – A Reef Tank Preppers Guide: 201

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Phoenix rising, Listener calls and A Reef Tank Preppers Guide: 201. This week Jeremy is trying to regain balance in his system to avoid any frag losses but seeing some great color and growth on other specimens, Peter is making headway and seeing great Zoa and Leather growth in his system. All this and more on episode 123 of the Reef News Network!


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Listener Calls: Big T- Questions about Royal Gramma Salmon
Ella Asks our suggestions for a fully captive-bred system.

Main Topic: In an episode a while back we talked about powering up before the power is out; we will go over some of that again as storm season approaches but our focus will be great tips on being prepared for any of the ups and downs of keeping a tank including those emergencies. Simple changes in season and temperature can cause unwanted swings (we like to avoid swings). We will also be going over some general tips to avoid loss of livestock during the unexpected by having a plan to get beyond these events and more in-depth details on how to get back on track.

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