RNN Episode 128 – Women in Reefing TAKEOVER!

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MACNA recap, The State of Affairs for Aquariums and Zoos, and Women in Reefing. Kat talks about planning the Celebrity Reef Battle event at MACNA. Hilary has a new collaboration with Marine Depot and discusses the future of her channel, “Waterlogged”.  All this and more on episode 128 of the Reef News Network!


Hilary: Vancouver Aquarium will be closing its doors as of Sept. 7th, due to the pandemic.

One way to help can be found here: https://www.saveyouraquarium.com/ which is an initiative by Piscene Energetics.

Kat: Underwater art of epic proportions around BVI and 58,000 tons of rock are being used to create an artificial reef off Palos Verdes Peninsula. The project will restore habitat that has been impacted by decades of landslides.

Tip of the Week: Garden Hoses. Making your water changes easy-peasy with the new Sicce Ultra Zero Utility pump.

Main Topic: Virtual MACNA from last weekend and the Women in Reefing (WIR) event. What is WIR? Find out from some of the speakers that made the community event a great one.

Kat & Hilary talk about Beth Firchaw and the Florida Reef Tract project, as well as Kim Koch and her passion for keeping Hawai’s sustainable fisheries in business. They also talk about Lauren Jennings, the 2020-21 recipient of the MASNA scholarship award.

Reef News Network: www.reefnewsnetwork.com


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