RNN Episode 130- Tank Size Selection, Upgrade or Add to the Collection

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You are what you eat, Coral tunes and Tank Size Selection: How to upgrade or add to your collection. Jeremy grabbed up some gems and is really happy with his acquisitions. Peter is awaiting the arrival of a box from WWC and some amazing pieces from Rachel Fogel aka ReefWeeds’ tank and can’t wait to get them in his system! All this and more on episode 130 of The Reef News Network!


Peter- We are pleased to present Coral Morphologic 2, an album of nine records inspired by the corals’ cosmic ability to synchronize their lives to Earth’s daily rotation upon its axis, the Moon’s monthly trip around Earth, and Earth’s yearly orbit of the Sun.

Jeremy- To many humans, the popular proverb you are what you eat is a reminder of the benefits of healthy eating. For some sea anemones, however, it’s actually quite literal. When starlet sea anemones eat more food, they sprout extra arms, according to a study published last week in Nature Communications. They are the first known species to grow entirely new limbs in response to consumption of food. These sea anemones show us that it is possible that nutrients are not converted into excess fat storage as it is the case in all mammals but instead transformed into a new body structure.

Main Topic:

Tank Size Selection: Upgrade or add to the collection Pt. 1 Where to start, upgrade, downsize or even add a new system. Big or Small? Let’s talk tanks. While this topic is aimed at beginners, it should have something for everyone. It is always a fun topic to discuss and there are some great insights to the thought that can go into making a size selection. I took a look at our notes from the last time we talked about this all the way back in episodes 5 and 6 and boy have we progressed in our style and notes!!! Some of the info is the same and some has changed but, in any case, I thought this would be a great topic to go over again and see what’s new.

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