RNN Episode 138 – Served Up On A Plate: A Fantastic Looking Substrate

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Mobius what, a custom cabinet, and Served Up On A Plate: A Fantastic Looking Substrate. This week we catch up with Jeremy making major automation progress with the Hydros Control 4 that he added to his system (on his own) and Peter who is enjoying stability in his system and getting ready to add some more coral! All this and more on Episode 138 of The Reef News Network!


Jeremy- Richard Back of the Afishionado Channel shows us his custom-made controller cabinet in his new YouTube video and it is really worth checking out. He just built out a nano system and was finding the lack of space for equipment frustrating. He ended up with a furniture grade custom made piece that is pretty awesome!

Peter- The Mobius control app was designed to work directly with Ecotech Marine products allowing an increased level of control. However, Aqua Illumination which is part of Ecotech Marine had a separate myAI app that Aqua illumination users needed to use to control their products. According to Jay Sperandio who works at Ecotech Marine as head of sales the Mobius control application will be able to control Aqua Illumination products.

Main Topic: The group commonly known as the plate corals are members of the family Fungiidae. With taxonomy in a fluid state that is fairly regularly changing, we are going to do the best we can to cover these awesome options for your reef. Considered in the trade as an LPS they are fairly easy to care for option that comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns that all stay in the relative plate-like shape. They can be placed on rockwork but are often kept on the substrate adding dynamic elements to an area that can often be overlooked. Today we will be covering more of the reasons we love plates and why they are a great addition to your reef, along with a touch on the scientific breakdown, ideal parameters, placement, and interesting info/ care tips.

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