RNN Episode 152 – The Others Pt. 1

by | Feb 27, 2021 | Podcast, Reef, Science | 0 comments

The traveling show with Jon Swanson and Break on Through to The Others Side. This week we catch up with the astounding Jon Swanson of the E.O. Smith Coral Project and find out all about this year’s innovative version of the Frag Farmers Market. Jeremy is prepping to be part of this amazing show and enjoying some real growth and stability in his systems. Peter is running steadily on cruise control and eyeing up some Euphyllia from Jeremy’s tank. All this and more on Episode 152 of the Reef News Network!


This week we have a great conversation in place of our normal news segment. Remy’s Bahama Llama

Tip of the Week: Heater redundancy

Main Topic: The Others…. Sea Stars and Crabs, today we will go over some of what can be considered, the others! We have talked in-depth fish and coral and some of the oddballs, this episode is dedicated to some of the fun unique, useful, common and unusual reef safe inhabitants you may have or want for your systems!

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