RNN Episode 153 – The Others Pt. 2: The Shrimp Chronicles

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Half a trillion coral, ReefBot update, and The Others Pt. 2 The Shrimp Chronicles. This week Peter informs us his tank is fine and doesn’t elaborate beyond that since we have a ton of notes this episode. Jeremy is in full prep mode for this weekend’s frag show but making additions as well adding in an awesome Blue Throat Trigger and a Lawnmower blenny. All this and more on Episode 153 of the Reef News Network!


Peter: For the first time, scientists have assessed how many corals there are in the Pacific Ocean and evaluated their risk of extinction.
While the answer to how many coral species are there? is Googleable, until now scientists didn’t know how many individual coral colonies there are in the world.
“In the Pacific, we estimate there are roughly half a trillion corals,” said the study’s lead author, Dr Andy Dietzel from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University (Coral CoE at JCU).
This is about the same number of trees in the Amazon, or birds in the world. The results are crucial for the research and conservation of corals and coral reefs as they decline across the world due to the effects of climate change.

Jeremy: ReefBot uses traditional reagent based method to autonomously measure the levels of the most common parameters in your tank. It currently measures Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrate, Phosphate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Copper and Iodine with more parameters added regularly. Upgraded features Needle Reach The needle can now reach most of the reagents in the vials allowing you to perform more tests before refilling.
Design upgrade: Minor changes were done on the design of the ReefBot V2 to give it a smoother look than the ReefBot V1. Reset Button A reset button was added to the ReefBot V2 which was not found in it’s younger version.
Device communication: 0/10V communication protocol for 3rd party devices.
New Actuator: The ReefBot V2’s uses an upgraded mechanical design that allows it to test your tank’s parameters and return the results even faster than the original ReefBot! We replaced the old actuator with a new one that is more sturdy and reliable.
More precision: The ReefBot V2 is more precise in testing in which it has higher resolution titration tests with a precision of 0.001 milliliter (1l ).
Quieter: The ReefBot V2 is ever more silent as we are trying to keep your testing as smooth as possible.

Main Topic: The Others Pt. 2

Last time we focused Sea Stars and Crabs. This week we will go over the Shrimp we find to be interesting for our collective tanks.


Fantastic natural scavengers and incredible behaviors give shrimp this amazing draw for many of us. From symbiosis with fish for protection/housing and cleaning services to hunting pests or just adding a different element to your system there are plenty of reasons to add a single or multiple shrimp to your system.

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