This week we cover Purple Sea Urchins & A newly discovered coral in the news. We also recorded an Episode live on location from an event. Jeremy is adding more coral to the big tank and needs to get squared away with dialing things in and managing the wire mess. Peter’s crazy travel itinerary is coming to an end and he is preparing to add some new frags to his diplay tank. Our main topic is: Crazy chalice you’re flashier than Ceaser’s palace! All this and more on Episode 86 of the Reef News Network!


Jeremy– New deep-water coral discovered. Psammogorgia pax, collected at a depth of 63 meters (207 feet) in Hannibal Bank — a flat-topped seamount located in Coiba National Park, a biodiversity hotspot and World Heritage Site, is part of an unexplored and understudied marine ecosystem: the mesophotic coral communities. These difficult-to-access habitats, found 40 — 150 meters deep and in-between shallow-water reefs and deep-water corals, are under increasing need for protection, yet little is known about their ecology and biodiversity.

Peter– Purple Sea Urchins or Strongylocentrotus purpuratus are eating their way through the underwater kelp forests in California and now moving north towards Oregon. A recent count found 350 million purple sea urchins on one Oregon reef alone more than a 10,000% increase since 2014. And in Northern California, 90% of the giant bull kelp forests have been devoured by the urchins.

Main Topic: Crazy chalice you’re flashier than Ceaser’s Palace! Chalice coral consist of a large collection of coral that what were until recently considered part of the now abolished family Pectiniidae. With the changing landscape of the taxonomy and such a large grouping of coral we will be generalizing the care requirements a bit more than usual. Although classification may be an issue there is still a lot to talk about with these stunning additions to our reef tanks. Intense colors and patterns make these showstoppers a must have.


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