Rossmont Waver: First Impressions

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The Rossmont Waver is an all-in-one device that can drive the non-electronic Rossmont Mover pumps, as well as new and soon to be released products like return pumps, skimmer pumps, test devices (pH? Redox? Density?), lamps, multisockets, and more. Today, we would like to share with you our first impressions; this is a follow-up to the unboxing article, which you can find here.

This product works really, really well. We connected it to a couple of Mover MX11600, a MX15200 (that we positively reviewed here), and a smaller M7200. Even with all the pumps connected, it was able to perfectly modulate the flow and create wonderful effects.

The pumps can be adjusted from their maximum flow down to about 30% of their value, so we can estimate the following flowrates for Rossmont pumps:

Pump modelMaximum FlowrateMinimum Flowrate
PriceMaximum Power
Mover M34003.400 l/h1.020 l/h54,90 €5 watts
Mover M46004.600 l/h1.380 l/h69,90 €8 watts
Mover M58005.800 l/h1.740 l/h84,90 €10 watts
Mover M72007.200 l/h2.160 l/h99,90 €15 watts
Mover Mx98009.800 l/h2.940 l/h109,90 €16 watts
Mover Mx1160011.600 l/h3.480 l/h119,90 €18 watts
Mover Mx1340013.400 l/h4.020 l/h129,90 €20 watts
Mover Mx1520015.200 l/h4.560 l/h139,90 €24 watts

This feature means that, with the addition of the controller, we can turn fixed-flowrate pumps (already sold at a competitive price) into easily-adjustable pumps!

These pumps stay very quiet during operation; they were developed to be as quiet as possible. Also, the pumps have a 3-year warranty, even if driven with a Rossmont Waver, which speaks to the company’s confidence that this is a well-made, dependable product.

Now let’s take a look at the software:


Pictured above is the control software with 2 pumps selected, one on channel 1 and the other on channel 2 – notice the curves created for each pump. This operation is extremely simple, and can be accessed on a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC.

To operate the system, just a click on a point on the graph and the pump in that specified time will have the desired flowrate. The points can be edited, raised, decreased, changed, and more.

The red bar in the graphic above is a specific event – this can be a different wave pattern, random waves, soft currents, stopped pumps, and many other possibilities. You can create an unlimited number and type of events, and schedule them for any length of time desired.


The fish food function is shown above; pumps are lowered to minimum power for five minutes when the feature is selected.

And now the best news: instead of creating a touch panel or custom app for each device, Rossmont has developed a wi-fi application that interacts with every accessory in a simple and intuitive manner and with the same interface for every connected device. It is similar to what Ecotech Marine has done with its Ecosmart Live and Reeflink.

Reeflink and Rossmont Waver have similar dimensions, but, while Reeflink can be only be controlled through the application, the Rossmont Waver also has a physical button, which allows the user to immediately stop the pumps or lower them to minimum power, to feed fish or to reset the system.


In this photo we can see the button in the center of the device; there are also (not visible here) two small blue LED lights just below the two channels of the pumps that pulse by following the selected programs. The lights are very discrete, and not annoying even when all other lights are turned off at night.

The Rossmont Waver retails at 249 € ($273 US). Not a painless price, but we have to consider that with 2 Mover MX13400, we can create system that is equal to Ecotech Marine’s vortech at about half the price.

Once we fully test it, we’ll let you know if, in our opinion, it’s worth the value, but we can say that so far, we’ve liked what we’ve seen!

In addition to the Waver Master, Rossmont is releasing the Waver Slave connection modules, allowing users to connect an infinite number of additional pieces of equipment; it is priced at 199 € ($218 US). As long as prices stay competitive with the pumps made by Ecotech Marine and tunze, they will do well. We look forward to Rossmont adding more compatible devices to the line, such as return pumps, lighting, power units, and more.

What do you think?

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    Thank you for the article. The product has been officially launched today in many Countries of the world. We’ll publish the best photos of aquariums powered with Rossmont equipment so we invite you to send us your pictures!


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