Tiny tiny guys see frag plug in photo for size 400 shipped 375 pick up Staten Island medium and large available 38ACB3DE-6967-4D25-87EB-9116761F30E5.jpeg 1.1 MB · Views: 27 E339879C-9A5A-426A-A0CE-FC0E9D6D079F.jpeg 1.1 MB · Views: 10 2D92B0FA-1226-4453-AD34-65BE2FC177B8.jpeg 703.7 KB · Views: 10


Baby gem tangs 1.5” and up


Paul B

 Paul B

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I hate to say it but I have been keeping fish from about 1954 or so. I Was drafted in 1969 and was in the Army until 1971 and when I returned back from Viet Nam I bought my first salt water fish started a tank, that tank is still running. I Did my first SCUBA dive in Sydney Australia while I was on R&R and became certified in about 1979. Most of my dives were for lobsters in NY waters with about a quarter of them in the tropics. I am also a boater and a Lisenced boat Captain. I made my living as a construction electrician foreman in Manhattan from which I recently retired.