Monday Madness LivieSale Flash SaleJune 21st 3pm-10pm pst Tons of new arrivals at killer prices! Exclusive UC Solomon Islands corals coming in hot! Euphyllia heavy for all your Euphy fans out there.$5 corals, rewards, guarantee, win awesome prizes!For every $5 coral, must also purchase a non-$5 coral, limit of two $5 coral total per customer.Awesome prizes: a prize coral, and 4 ICP tests for four winners.Each purchaser will automatically be entered. Names are drawn at random. Due to already heavily discounted prices, and the high cost of shipping. you MUST purchase a $29.99 shipping module to purchase in the LiveSale category. No exceptions. No returns, no refunds, no substitutions on livestock. You must purchase a shipping module in order to participate in the LiveSale (unless you have paid for shipping on items from our main store, or have purchased $150 or more in the main store)

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Monday Madness FlashSale June 21st 3pm – 10pm pst


 Minh Nguyen

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