Stop By Today For In Store Coral & Anemone Sale!!We have INDO, AUSSIE & VIETNAM Corals. Too Many To List. As Always, Fish Are Priced To Sell. See You Soon!! TANGSChocolate TangBlonde Naso TangBlue Eye Bristletooth TangNaso TangBlue Hippo TangYellow Belly Hippo TangScopas TangSailfin TangPowder Blue x Goldrim Tang (Hybrid)Blue Unicorn TangMaculiceps TangOrange Shoulder TangPowder Blue TangPowder Brown TangVlamingii TangLavender TangLieutenant TangFlame Fin Tomini Tang ANGELFISH / BUTTERFLYFISHSwallowtail Angelfish (Male)Swallowtail Angelfish (Female)Coral Beauty AngelfishLamarck’s AngelfishRed Sea Orangeface ButterflyfishPyramid ButterflyfishCopperband Butterflyfish WRASSES & ANTHIASLunate Crescent Tail Fairy WrassePintail Fairy WrasseOrnate Leopard WrasseMcCosker’s Flasher WrasseMoyeri Leopard WrasseBlue Star Leopard WrasseExquisite Fairy WrasseKatherine’s Fairy WrasseYellowtail Tamarin WrasseYellow-Flanked Fairy WrasseYellow Fin Fairy WrasseWhite Banded Possum WrasseYellow Banded Possum WrasseCarpenter’s Flasher WrasseRed Head Solon Fairy WrasseFilamented Flasher WrasseOrangeback Fairy WrasseRoseband Fairy WrasseScott’s Greenback WrasseSix Line WrasseRed Margin Fairy WrasseRuby Finned Fairy Wrasse ANTHIAS Blotched Anthias (Small & Large)Stocky Anthias (Male)Purple Queen AnthiasSquareback AnthiasDispar AnthiasLyretail Anthias (Purple Eye) OTHERSAiptasia Eating FilefishBella Sand Sifting GobyTiger Watchman GobyOne Spot FoxfaceMarine BettaBlue Throat Triggerfish (Male)Blue Throat Triggerfish (Female)Percula ClownfishPink Shunk ClownfishOrange Shunk Clownfish INVERTEBRATESCleaner ShrimpFire ShrimpHarlequin ShrimpAnemone CrabTurbo SnailsNassarius SnailsBumble Bee SnailsSeahare SluggsBlue Leg Hermit CrabsPyramid Trochus Snails (X-Large) WE HAVE A LARGE VARIETY OF CORALS & ANEMONES IN STOCK. **STOP BY OR SET UP A CURBSIDE DELIVERY** DELIVERIES WILL GO OUT AFTER CLOSING **FOR FAST RESPONSE, PLEASE REPLY PUBLICLY** WE DO NOT FREQUENTLY CHECK PRIVATE MESSAGES. ​

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