WE ARE OPEN 12pm – 7pm. WE ARE ACCEPTING PAYPAL, ZELLE OR CASH APP FOR DELIVERIES. (CASH FOR PICK UP ONLY). REDUCED RATES UNTIL 9/1/20The Bronx: FREEManhattan: $10Brooklyn/Queens: $20Connecticut: $35 (Distance Limited) Delaware: $75 (Distance Limited) Staten Island: $30 (Distance Limited)Long Island: $30 (Distance Limited)Westchester: $20 (Distance Limited New Jersey: $35 (Distance Limited)FREE DELIVERY WHEN YOU SPEND $325+ ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY 11 AM FOR SAME DAY DELIVERY. IF PLACED AFTER 11 AM, YOUR ORDER WILL BE DELIVERED THE NEXT DAY. **FOR FAST RESPONSE, PLEASE REPLY PUBLICLY** WE DO NOT FREQUENTLY CHECK PRIVATE MESSAGES ** ​ TANGSAberrant Koi Tang Online / In ShopBlue Hippo Tang (L) $85Chocolate Tang $50Clown Tang $50Convict Tang $40Dussumieri Tang $150Lavender Tang $50Naso Tang $50Orange shoulder Tang (Adult) $135Powder Blue Tang $80Xanthic Yellow Scopas Tang $80Sailfin Tang $30Scopas Tang (L) $35Yellow Tang $60Vlamingi Tang $40Yellowtail Surgeonfish $50 ANGELFISH / BUTTERFLYFISHEmperor Angelfish (Adult) $150Emperor Angelfish (Juvenile) $50Coral Beauty Angelfish $35Swallowtail Angelfish (F) $50Majestic Angelfish (Adult) $135 WRASSES & ANTHIASCleaner Wrasse $15Filamented Fin Flasher Wrasse (M) $50Lunate Crescent Tail Fairy Wrasse (M) $50Melanurus Wrasse $40Katherine’s Fairy Wrasse (M) $50Borbonius Blotched Anthias $250Blood Spot Anthias $40Lyretail Anthias (M) $25Lyretail Anthias (F) $20Royal Flasher Wrasse (M) $50Ruby Finned Fairy Wrasse (Supermale) $50Sixline Wrasse $25Timor Jewel Wrasse $75Yellow-Flanked Fairy Wrasse (L) $50Yellow Coris Wrasse (L) $40Red Coris Wrasse (Adult) $60 CLOWNFISHMocha Storm Clownfish $85Orange Storm Clownfish $85Fancy Longfin Clownfish $50Fancy Ocellaris Clownfish $15Frostbite Absolute Zero Clownfish $75Picasso-Semi Percula Clownfish $25Snow Onyx Clownfish $40Roundtail Longfin Clownfish $40Onyx Percula Clownfish $40 OTHERSClown Triggerfish (Juvenile) $50Yellow Head Pearly Jawfish $40Blue Dot Jawfish $115Marine Betta $90Black Clown Goby $20Green Clown Goby $20Fire Goby $20Flame Goby $35Scissortail Dartfish $35Yellow Candy Hogfish (Reef Safe) $50Pajama Cardinalfish $20Golden Head Sleeper Goby $20Yellow Watchman Goby (S) $20 INVERTEBRATESBanded Brittle Starfish $20Brown Brittle Starfish $15Chocolate Starfish $10Green Brittle Starfish $25Emerald Crab $10Star Sea Snails $3Nassarius Snails $3Harlequin Shrimp $25Hermit Crabs $10Peppermint Shrimp $10 FOODHikari Brand Spirulina Brine Shrimp *FrozenHikari Brand Krill *FrozenSan Francisco Bay Brand Brine Shrimp *FrozenSan Francisco Bay Brand Mysis Shrimp *Frozen CORALSAcanthophyllia Coral $85Deepwater Yellow Gorgonian $40Deepwater Red Gorgonian $40Australian Duncan $20Zoanthid Frags $25Australian Yellow Hammer $100Australian Hammer Branch Marble $60Australian Hammer Branch GreenStem Australian Branch Torch $40Indo Branch Torch $40Australian Dendro Aquacultured $45Indo Hammer Branch Green Stem $100Indo Hammer Branch Mottled Green $75Superman Discosoma Mushroom $35Royal Blue Discosoma Mushroom $35Unique Scolymia $165Ultra UFO Scolymia $200Ultra Warpaint Scolymia $200Reverse Warpaint Scolymia $200White Spot Red Discosoma Mushroom $20Sunkist Bounce Mushroom $200Green Goniopora Coral Frag $15Pink Goniopora Coral Frag $50Red Goniopora Coral Frag $65Ricordea Mushroom (Multi-Mouths) $35Crocodile Island Scolymia *Red* $200Crocodile Island Scolymia *Green / Orange* $200Australian Blastomussa Wellsi Per Polyp $25Australian Frogspawn Wall $65 AnemonesPurple Long Tentacle Anemone (Red Base) $65Green Long Tentacle Anemone (Red Base) $65Green Bubble Tip Anemone $40 DRY ROCK: $3.00/LB ​ OPEN 12pm – 7pm **FOR FAST RESPONSE, PLEASE REPLY PUBLICLY** WE DO NOT FREQUENTLY CHECK PRIVATE MESSAGES. ​


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