WE ARE OPEN! ​STOP BY TO CHECK US OUT. WE ARE FULLY STOCKED. WE WILL HAVE LOTS OF INSTORE DEALS ALL WEEK. FREE RAFFLE TICKET WITH ANY PURCHASE OVER $150. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED DURING OUR GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION. OUR OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION IS SATURDAY, AUGUST 1ST, 2020 @ 12PM. STOP BY TODAY AND CHECK US OUT!! WE HAVE TONS OF STOCK!!8 BROADWAYHAWTHRONE, NY 10532 P: 914-579-2699 VIDEOSMADAGASCAR TIGER ANGELFISH http://instagr.am/p/CCwEivHp96f/ CHAMELEON TILEFISH http://instagr.am/p/CDDErUCJhFK/ NEW RATES FOR WESTCHESTER & NEW JERSEYREDUCED RATES UNTIL 9/1/20Westchester County: FREEThe Bronx: FREEManhattan: $10Brooklyn/Queens: $20Connecticut: $35 (Distance Limited)Delaware: $75 (Distance Limited) Staten Island: $30 (Distance Limited)Long Island: $30 (Distance Limited)New Jersey: $20 (Distance Limited)FREE DELIVERY WHEN YOU SPEND $325+ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY 11 AM FOR SAME DAY DELIVERY. IF PLACED AFTER 11 AM, YOUR ORDER WILL BE DELIVERED THE NEXT DAY. **FOR FAST RESPONSE, PLEASE REPLY PUBLICLY** WE DO NOT FREQUENTLY CHECK PRIVATE MESSAGES ** ​TANGSBlue Hippo TangBlue Eyed Kole TangChocolate Tang (Adult)Red Sea Desjardini TangDussumieri TangFlame Fin Tomini TangMadagascar Gemmatum TangNaso TangOrange Shoulder Tang (Juvenile)Red Sea Purple TangRed Sea Sohal TangSailfin TangVlamingi Tang (Juvenile)Yellow Eye Kole TangYellowfin TangANGELFISH / BUTTERFLYFISHRed Sea Asfur AngelfishMadagascar Tiger Kingi AngelfishMadagascar Tiger-Tail Coral BeautyMango Guam AngelfishCopperband ButterflyfishRed Sea Golden Bluecheek ButterflyfishRed Sea Arabian ButterflyfishWRASSES & ANTHIASBlue Side Fairy WrasseDot Dash Flasher WrasseExquisite Fairy WrasseFilamented Fin Flasher WrasseLunate Crescent Tail Fairy WrasseLeopard WrasseKatherine’s Fairy WrasseMadagascar Red-Cheek WrasseLeopard WrasseGold Pintail Fairy WrasseRed Coris WrasseRed Margin Fairy WrasseRuby Finned Fairy WrasseScott’s Greenback Fairy WrasseSixline WrasseTricolor Sailfin WrasseTimor Jewel WrasseMelanurus WrasseYellow-Flanked Fairy WrasseSailfin AnthiasBlood Spot AnthiasCLOWNFISHFancy Longfin ClownfishFancy Ocellaris ClownfishPicasso-Semi Percula ClownfishRoundtail Longfin ClownfishOTHERSMadagascar Corazon DasmelChameleon TilefishFoxface FishFlame GobyDiamond Watchman GobyBella GobyOrange Tiger PrawnRuby Red DragonetYellowstriped CardinalfishINVERTEBRATESGreen Brittle StarfishHalloween UrchinSand Sifting StarfishDRY ROCK: $3.00/LBWE HAVE A HUGE VARIETY OF CORALS & ANEMONES IN STOCK. **STOP BY FOR IN STORE PRICES & PROMOTIONS ON ALL ITEMS.** **FOR FAST RESPONSE, PLEASE REPLY PUBLICLY** WE DO NOT FREQUENTLY CHECK PRIVATE MESSAGES. ​

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