REDUCED RATES UNTIL 9/1/20The Bronx: FREEManhattan: $10Brooklyn/Queens: $20Connecticut: $35 (Distance Limited) Delaware: $75 (Distance Limited) Staten Island: $30 (Distance Limited)Long Island: $30 (Distance Limited)Westchester: $20 (Distance Limited New Jersey: $35 (Distance Limited)FREE DELIVERY WHEN YOU SPEND $325+ ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY 11 AM FOR SAME DAY DELIVERY. IF PLACED AFTER 11 AM, YOUR ORDER WILL BE DELIVERED THE NEXT DAY. **FOR FAST RESPONSE, PLEASE REPLY PUBLICLY** WE DO NOT FREQUENTLY CHECK PRIVATE MESSAGES ** ​ TANGSAberrant Koi TangAtlantic Blue Tang (Blue)Blue Hippo TangBlue Eyed Kole TangChocolate Tang (Juvenile)Chocolate Tang (Adult)Convict TangDesjardini TangDussumieri TangFlame Fin Tomini TangNaso TangMaculiceps TangMoorish IdolOrange Shoulder Tang (Juvenile)Purple TangSailfin TangVlamingi Tang (Juvenile)Xanthic Yellow Scopas TangYellow Eye Kole TangYellow TangYellow Belly Hippo Tang ANGELFISH / BUTTERFLYFISHBlue Moon AngelfishEmperor Angelfish (Juvenile)Flame AngelfishFlagfin AngelfishSwallowtail Angelfish (F)Swallowtail Anglefish (M)Mango Guam AngelfishCopperband ButterflyfishGolden Bluecheek ButterflyfishPyramid ButterflyfishPotter’s Angelfish WRASSES & ANTHIASBlue Side Fairy WrasseDot Dash Flasher WrasseExquisite Fairy WrasseFilamented Fin Flasher Wrasse (M)Lunate Crescent Tail Fairy Wrasse (M)Leopard WrasseKatherine’s Fairy WrasseMagma Fairy WrasseTanaka Possum WrasseYellow Banded Possum WrasseHalsteadi WrasseGold Pintail Fairy WrassePotters WrasseRed Coris WrasseRed Margin Fairy WrasseRed Head Solon Fairy WrasseRuby Finned Fairy WrasseSixline WrasseTricolor Sailfin WrasseTimor Jewel WrasseMelanurus WrasseWalsh’s Fairy WrasseYellow-Flanked Fairy WrasseYellow Coris WrasseDispar AnthiasLyretail Anthias (M)Lyretail Anthias (F) CLOWNFISHFancy Longfin ClownfishFancy Ocellaris ClownfishPicasso-Semi Percula ClownfishRoundtail Longfin Clownfish OTHERSBlue Face Jaw TilefishShunk TilefishChameleon TilefishFoxface FishFlame GobyFirefish GobyDiamond Watchman GobyBella GobyMarine BettaLyretail HogfishRed Sea BannerfishRuby Red DragonetYellowstriped Cardinalfish INVERTEBRATESBlue Linckia StarfishBanded Brittle StarfishBrown Brittle StarfishGreen Brittle StarfishRed Marble StarfishEmerald CrabStar Sea SnailsNassarius SnailsHermit CrabsHarlequin ShrimpHalloween UrchinPeacock Mantis ShrimpCleaner ShrimpChocolate StarfishSand Sifting StarfishTurbo Snails FOODHikari Brand Spirulina Brine Shrimp *FrozenHikari Brand Krill *FrozenSan Francisco Bay Brand Brine Shrimp *FrozenSan Francisco Bay Brand Mysis Shrimp *FrozenLIVE Brine Shrimp DRY ROCK: $3.00/LB WE HAVE A HUGE VARIETY OF CORALS & ANEMONES IN STOCK. **STOP BY FOR IN STORE PRICES & PROMOTIONS ON ALL ITEMS.** **FOR FAST RESPONSE, PLEASE REPLY PUBLICLY** WE DO NOT FREQUENTLY CHECK PRIVATE MESSAGES. ​

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