DELIVERY FEE The Bronx: FREEManhattan: $10Brooklyn/Queens: $20Connecticut: $35 (Distance Limited) Delaware: $75 (Distance Limited) Staten Island: $30 (Distance Limited)Long Island: $30 (Distance Limited)Westchester: FREE New Jersey: $35 (Distance Limited)FREE DELIVERY WHEN YOU SPEND $325+ ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY 11 AM FOR SAME DAY DELIVERY. IF PLACED AFTER 11 AM, YOUR ORDER WILL BE DELIVERED THE NEXT DAY. **FOR FAST RESPONSE, PLEASE REPLY PUBLICLY** WE DO NOT FREQUENTLY CHECK PRIVATE MESSAGES ** ​ TANGSBlue Hippo Tang $50Blue Eyed Kole Tang $40Chocolate Tang (Adult) $50Clown Tang $40Chevron Tang $200 Flame Fin Tomini Tang $40Blonde Naso Tang $65Naso Tang $40Orange Shoulder Tang $40Yellow Eye Kole Tang $65Xanthic Yellow Scopas Tang $70Purple Tang $85Powder Brown Tang $40Powder Blue Tang $65Sohal Tang $100Desjardini Tang $65Lavender Tang $40Maculicep Tang $75Bariene Tang $75Dussumier Tang $90 ANGELFISH / BUTTERFLYFISHBlueface Angelfish $150Emperor Angelfish $135Japanese Swallowtail Anglefish (F) $40Japanese Swallowtail Angelfish (M) $125Copperband Butterflyfish $35Pyramid Butterflyfish $35 WRASSES & ANTHIASBrunneus Fairy Wrasse $60Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse $25Christmas Wrasse $35Red Head Salon Fairy Wrasse $40Decolores Wrasse $40Lunate Crescent Tail Fairy Wrasse $55Pintail Fairy Wrasse $55Orange Back Fairy Wrasse $50Red Margin Fairy Wrasse Supermale $50Ruby Fin Fairy Wrasse $40Royal Flasher Wrasse $40Naoko’s Wrasse $50Tricolor Sailfin Wrasse $40Katoi’s Fairy Wrasse Supermale $100Melanurus Wrasse $35Yellow Coris Wrasse $35Yellow-Flanked Fairy Wrasse $40Harlequin Tusk $100Red Sea 8line Flasher Wrasse Pair $125Purple Queen Anthias $25Red Belted Anthias $30Lori’s Anthias $25Lyretail Anthias (Female) $15Lyretail Anthias (Male) $15Scott’s Greenback Fairy Wrasse $65Huchtii Anthias $25 CLOWNFISHPhantom Clownfish $60Fancy Ocellaris Clownfish $15Picasso Percula Clownfish $35Helmet Clownfish $30Onyx Clownfish $60 OTHERSBlue Throat Triggerfish (M) $50Blue Throat Triggerfish (F) $50Algae Blenny $15Fuscus Blenny $15Peppermint Hogfish $90Lyretail Hogfish $50Remorsa Shark $75Foxface Fish $25Bella Goby $50Green Reef Chromis $10Blue Eye Cardinalfish $40Red Striped Cardinalfish $15Banggai Cardinalfish $15Yellow Belly Dasmel $5 INVERTEBRATESBanded Brittle Startish $10Halloween Urchin $10Orange Urchin $10Sand Sifting Starfish $10Turbo Snails $3Nassarius Snails $3Harlequin Shrimp $45Blue Leg Hermit Crab $10 DRY ROCK: $3.00/LB WE HAVE A HUGE VARIETY OF CORALS & ANEMONES IN STOCK. **STOP BY FOR IN STORE PRICES & PROMOTIONS ON ALL ITEMS.** **FOR FAST RESPONSE, PLEASE REPLY PUBLICLY** WE DO NOT FREQUENTLY CHECK PRIVATE MESSAGES. ​ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

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