Sanjay Joshi’s Aquarium Up Close

by | Apr 8, 2012 | Eye Candy, Photography, Tanks | 2 comments

This video was shot by our own Peter Schmiedel at Sanjay Joshi’s home in Pennsylvania.  In addition to the incredible Penn State tanks on campus, Sanjay maintains this unbelievable SPS dominated wrasse-heaven.  Awesome eye candy aside, the success of this tank should motivate most hobbyists to step up their husbandry and strive to hit this level of reef perfection.

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  1. Bradley J Syphus

    Unbelievable color and Beauty.
    What an outstanding reef you have created Sanjay.

  2. rigleautomotive

    Amazing ! Love to see mature naturally shaped acropora colonies growing in captivity. Bravo bud !


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