Scotty and Tammy's magnificent "4x4" 240 gallon SPS reef

Scott and Tammy Lambert’s awesome 4×4 SPS reef

Narrow front-to-back tanks provide a more “2D photo snapshot” point of view while deep front-to-back tanks lends more of a “peering into the reef” vista.  As the video (below) attests, walking around this 48x48x24″ peninsula-style aquarium opens up a bunch of incredible viewing possibilities that conventionally-dimensioned aquariums can not offer.

Follow the progress of this Australian tank build on the Facebook page dedicated to this captive reef.  Scotty and Tammy’s aquarium has also been featured in a recent issue of Reef Hobbyist Magazine. We encourage you to read the RHM article for a full rundown on this immaculately engineered and healthy system.

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