Search For Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Brings Ocean Secrets to Light

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Science | 0 comments

This is timely considering I was just complaining about how little we know about our oceans. It’s been six months since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 unceremoniously disappeared, and while investigation hasn’t lead to any trace of the Boeing, scientists have been able to delve into uncharted territory of the Indian Ocean as far as four miles deep. Turns out there’s all sorts of fun stuff down there like seamounts and volcanoes. These findings could help shed light to how the continents actually formed, as well as predicting tsunamis and forecasting ocean currents. These studies will provide scientists with a completely unique data set relating to the Australian coast. All data from the mission will be available for public consumption (looks like I’ll have some new reading material – I’ll give you the cliffnotes) for further analysis and research once the search for the missing jet has ceased, which is estimated to be at least a year. The search for the Flight 370 shall recommence on September 22, 2014. Read more about the interesting finds at Discovery News.

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