Shark Pro – The New Multifunction Filter by Sicce at Interzoo

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Sicce‘s booth has always been one of the most beautiful at Interzoo, and this year it revolved around the new Shark PRO filter and a water feature that we’ll be revealing in this article.

As per tradition, Sicce‘s booth has a lot to show, both in terms of showcasing products that are properly useful for the aquarium and surprising us with something new. This year the surprise was due to two things in particular. The first one was a beautiful water feature, very eyecatching, in which a Syncra pump moved water from one aquarium to another using piping on the ceiling, and from there another pump did the opposite thing and sent the water back into the first aquarium. In the video you can fully understand what we’re talking about.

But before revealing the trick, let’s start with our video of the booth!

Sicce’s booth at Interzoo 2022 in our video

Before you go on, here is our video so that you can see the booth in action. Clicking on the link will send you directly to the part about Sicce, but you can also watch the rest of it. The video is in Italian, you only have to turn the English subs on! Enjoy!

The water show that was flowing from one aquarium to the other amazed us and everyone else that passed by the booth. We all had the same question… how do the pumps synchronize so that they don’t flood the stand?

The answer is simple… there was another hydraulic connection between the aquariums that ran under the floor! This doesn’t mean that we didn’t love the idea! Bravo Sicce! To see the system in action you can watch the video above.

The other thing, which doesn’t have anything to do with aquariums, but spread a good mood, was the Spritz Bar!

Sicce Spritz Bar at the Interzoo 2022
Sicce Spritz Bar at Interzoo 2022

No need to explain what this corner was for, or the fact that we enjoyed it greatly! These kind of things help to bring people together and make an ordinary day a good day. For the second time, bravo Sicce!

Sicce Spritz Bar at the Interzoo 2022 ;)
Sicce Spritz Bar at Interzoo 2022 😉

The new filter: Sicce Shark PRO

But now let’s see the real highlight: the Sicce Shark PRO filter.

The filter Shark PRO presented in preview at Sicce's booth at the Interzoo 2022
The Shark PRO filter, previewed at Sicce’s booth at Interzoo 2022

As you can see in the pictures, the filter has 4 cubic sections connected to each other. The top part is the body and bottom three hold the filter materials. The cubes are connected with magnets and this makes the filter a real spectacle. Especially when we think about the maintenance!

The filter Shark PRO in preview at Sicce's booth at the Interzoo 2022
The Shark PRO filter, previewed at Sicce’s booth at Interzoo 2022

Though I described top and bottom parts, the filter can actually be used both vertically and horizontally, depending on the aquarium in which it’s being used. Each cube has a filtration space of 310 cubic centimeters. The pumps are different based on the number of cubes that you have.

 Shark PRO 500Shark PRO 700Shark PRO 900
Pump range500 l/h700 l/h900 l/h
Consumption4 watt7 watt10 watt
Number of cubes123
Filter volume310 cm3620 cm3930 cm3
The filter Shark PRO in preview at Sicce's booth at the Interzoo 2022
The Shark PRO filter, previewed at Sicce’s booth at Interzoo 2022

The filter is designed to also work as an aerator, mixing water and air with a small valve on top that you can see in detail in the following gallery.

This is a filter that impressed us with its ease of use and the option to add or remove filter volumes. Moreover, you can use different media in each cube. It’s designed for freshwater aquariums, but we think that it can be used successfully in marine tanks as well. Perfect for a quick and practical use of active carbon, zeolite and more. Very well done. We hope to have one soon to test for you!

Sicce 1200 SDC Skimmer pumps

As you may know, Sicce provides skimmer pumps to many companies. So, the booth couldn’t miss a demonstration of power of the amazing Sicce 1200 SDC.

Skimmer pumps Sicce 1200 SDC
Sicce 1200 SDC skimmer pumps

This pump, if used as a skimming pump connected to a system, only uses 10 watts. But it has a range of 1200 l/h of air!

Last but not least, the pumps on show

Obviously there where many other return pumps by Sicce.

One last gem… the wireless heaters

Well, not exactly… but take a look at the following picture!

Sicce heaters Jolly Preset at the Interzoo 2022
Sicce’s Jolly Preset heaters at Interzoo 2022

We’re talking about Sicce‘s new heaters, the Jolly Preset! They’re quite tiny and have a power consumption from 5 to 20 watts. Now, image that you’re approaching Sicce‘s booth, you see a table with small heaters, and that your hawk eyes immediately notice that there are no power cables near those heaters. You’d immediately think that those are wireless heaters! But of course not, they were just the terminal casings of the Jolly Preset. But it definitely was a way to impress!

Ah, for the record, we didn’t fall for it… this time.


For further information about Sicce‘s products, please visit their official homepage. We also invite you to watch our videodocumentary about Interzoo 2022.

Ah… we hadn’t finished

At DaniReef, we believe that people count way more than the products, because a company is only as good as its partners. So thank you, Laura, Gloria and Federico.

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