Short videos of Plectranthias pelicieri and P.sagamiensis (updated)

Plectranthias pelicieri at Blue Harbor

(New video and information of P.sagamiensis added)

No surprise, but Blue Harbor (Japan) has new videos of these gems.  Plectranthias pelicieri is a deep water species whose natural range is yet undefined and is mainly known from the Mauritius in the Indian Ocean but has been reported as far north as southern Japan (unverified). Plectranthias sangamiensis is also a deep water species ranging from Southern Japan to Indonesia.  Both species are extremely rare in the aquarium trade and have exorbitant price tags to match (“If you have to ask …”).

Despite being related to groupers/basslets/anthias, Plectranthias sp. behave more like hawkfish, spending most of its time perched on the substrate.  Like hawkfish, Plectranthias sp. can be aggressive towards similar species and is not considered safe around ornamental crustaceans.

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