Sicce HyperKoral & Calanus 

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Sicce HyperKoral

I recently wrote about Sicce’s new HyperReef three-stage dosing system. There is a second part to this system; it consists of two products formulated to feed corals and other reef organisms directly through the water column. 

Sicce HyperKoral

HyperKoral is a liquid coral additive rich in amino acids. It comes in a 50ml bottle with a glass dropper built into the cap. Refills are available in three different sizes- 100ml, 250ml and 500ml. sicce claims that this is a superior product – HyperReef has no fillers or preservatives, only essential amino acids and vitamins, which stay available to corals, as they are not removed by protein skimmers. This liquid feed contains only L-amino acids (as oppose to some other liquid foods that contain both L and D amino acids) that are readily absorbed by various reef organisms, whereas D-amino acids can promote growth of cyanobacteria. The suggested dosage for a 30g tank is 1ml every other day, so a 50ml bottle should last about 4 months. HyperKoral does not require refrigeration, and it retails for around $25 for a 50ml bottle. You can download HyperKoral spreadsheet in PDF form here 

Sicce Calanus
CALANUS is another coral food offered by Sicce. Each 20g bottle is filled with freeze-dried marine copepods 2 to 4 millimeters in size. They are harvested in the Arctic Ocean, are free of contaminants and offer an all natural, rich diet of amino acids, omega-3 and antioxidant compounds, among others.


CALANUS is a very fine powder, similar in texture to diatomaceous  earth. The container comes with a dosing spoon, with a suggested dosage of 1/8 teaspoon for every 30g of aquarium volume. In practice, you can use much less or more, depending on your goals and the amount of corals your tank hosts. It can be target-fed, and I’ve found that it is readily accepted by fleshy LPS corals like acans and brain corals, as well as Cnidaria, such as zoanthids or corallimorphs (ricordea species and other mushroom corals). Interestingly, I’ve also had success feeding freshwater fry fish with CALANUS, they seem to like it a lot. You can check out the CALANUS spreadsheet by going here.

HyperCoral and Calanus are available through a few local fish stores and online. Read more about the Sicce line of coral supplements and other product by visiting their US website:

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