Our conclusions

Max Height

sicce Syncra Nano70 cm67.3 cm– 3.9 %

The max height was very close to the declared data, a good result.


sicce Syncra Nano400 l/h408 l/h+ 2 %

The actual output was slightly higher than the declared.

Power consumption

sicce Syncra Nano2.8 w3.08 w+ 10%

We found a higher power consumption than declared, but, as we couldn’t measured the power factor, the number itself is slightly unimportant.


sicce Syncra Nano30.3 dBN.A.

sicce does not declare the noise of their pump, but we have measured a very low value. Great result here.

Correspondence with declared data

Finally, just as a comparison, we give a matching value compared to data reported

pumpmax heightoutputpower consumptionAverage
Sicce Syncra Nano96.1 %102 %N.A.99.1 %

We have not considered the power consumption when calculating the average value, because without the power factor it is meaningless.


Final thoughts

For ease of comparison, I have calculated this pump’s reference value, found by multiplying output per max height and dividing the result by two, the area under the curve of height and output in a graph, in this way, we will be able to easily compare different pumps. For the sicce Syncra Nano we have obtained 137 l*m/s, which results in a declared value of 140.

Sicce Syncra Nano

We liked the sicce Syncra Nano because it was very reliable, can be used as an all around pump and as a recirculating pump, is very quiet and is very very close to the declared values from sicce.

As to be expected from sicce,  this is a well-made, durable pump, and the price is extremely low.

Sicce Syncra Nano

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