The Sicce XStream-E Variable Flow Pumps

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Sicce unveiled a new variable flow pump, the Sicce XStreamE, at Nuremberg Interzoo, and it looks great.

Sicce XStreamE is very compact, though it is larger than the Sicce Voyager Nano 1000 and 2000 (reviewed here in italian, and soon in english on However, the declared flow is impressive – ranging from a minimum of 3,000 to a maximum of 8,500 l/h.

These pumps are most suitable for a nanoreef tank up to 300 liters, but I will be testing them in a 3,400 liter tank to see if it’s possible to maintain a medium tank with a couple of Sicce XStreamE. They would also be excellent pumps for freshwater tanks, which require lots of water movement.

sicce XStreamE Technical specs

230 V – 50 Hz
US Versions
120 V – 60 Hz
Flow:from 3.000 to 8.500 l/hfrom 800 to 2250 US gph
Power Consumption:6-16,5 watt6-16,5 watt
Cable length:2 m78,7 ft
Width5,0 cm1,9 inch
Length9,4 cm3,7 inch
Height3,8 cm1,5 inch

With its 6 watts per 3,000 liters/hour and 16.5 watts per 8,500 l/h, the new sicce XStreamE has an efficiency between 500 and 515 liters/watt. An extremely high value, especially for a variable flow pump.

In comparison, the slightly more powerful tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6095, another electronic variable flow pump and a direct competitor, moves 9,500 liters per hour with a consumption of 21 watts, translating to 452 liters per watt. The new XStreamE is 10% more efficient.




The packaging is really well built. Inside is the body pump, the controller, the beautiful multi-language instruction manual and the quality control servicing information.



Pictured above is the impeller and the locking system to the body pump.




The controller is pictured above. The two arrows act as potentiometers, with them you can increase or decrease the flow of the pump. The pump can operate in five modes. A “fixed mode”, where you can choose your favorite flow rate, a “short pulse” mode that allows the pump to pulse every 5 seconds, a “medium mode”, with a cycle of 20 seconds, a “long mode” with a cycle of 30 seconds and, finally, a “random mode” with random cycles.



The mounting magnet is suitable for glass up to 20mm, which is as thick as any home aquarium. sicce worked hard to make this pump extremely quiet; it even has an anti-vibration cover on the power cable.

Once I have finished my testing, I will report back with a full review.

The pump is already on sale, at the price of € 183,50 (tax included) in Italy. Certainly expensive, but it holds great promise.



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