The Spanish Flag turns up at Absolutely Fish

Goniplectrus hispanus: The Spanish Flag. (photo by Scott Michael)

photo from Scott Michael’s Aquarium Fish: Deepwater Reef Fish Communities: Part 2: A Survey of Deep Reef Fishes Advanced Aquarist article, Sept 2005.

The Spanish Flag is a deepwater Caribbean species so rare, only a few hobbyist have ever seen one in person.  This species inhabits rocky reefs throughout the Caribbean at depths between 150 and 1200ft but rarely above 300 ft, making it extremely difficult to collect.  Available no more than once a year, now is your chance to see one in person if you’re in the New York/New Jersey area.  The price?  I’ve been informed Absolutely Fish is asking $2,000 for this specimen (about the expected price for G.hispanus).  If it’s any consolation, The Spanish Flag is reportedly a very hardy fish (like most groupers are), and this specimen appears to be properly decompressed.

Video of The Spanish Flag at Absolutely Fish:

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