Fish breeders are a close knit lot.  Basically if you’re into breeding, other breeders are like your extended family, celebrating your success, and there offering support when things don’t go as planned.  What’s even better, as breeders have mastered effective shipping techniques, one breeder’s success in getting eggs or fry can result in other people being able to raise them.  Here is a great example.

Rising Tide, the rock stars of the competitive breeding phenomena (by competitive we mean they do not rest on their laurels, these guys are out to show breeding methods for every fish they can find), recently took in a bunch of eggs from the Seaworld Discovery Cove exhibit.  Not knowing what they had, the eager waiting began, and slowly but surely they are starting to see their results.  This photo is of what has been identified as Holocentrideae (soldierfish), but each batch of eggs offers a unique opportunity.  Each breed of fish has it’s own specific regimen for captive breeding, and unfortunately the folks at Rising Tide don’t know what they have until they are able to identify it.  This is some incredibly challenging work, and our hats are off to Matt Wittenrich and the rest of the team for undertaking this totally random endeavor. Read more about Rising Tide HERE.

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