Vibrant SPS reef aquarium from Kuwait

Great reef tanks know no borders.

In Mr. Saltwater Tank’s coverage of MACNA 2011 uploaded earlier this week, Mark Callahan interviews a Saudi Arabian reefkeeper who made the trek all the way out to Des Moise, IA to attend the event!  The interviewee describes his difficulties acquiring corals in Saudi Arabia due to government restrictions; He mentions having to import corals from neighboring countries like Kuwait.  If this video of a Kuwaiti reef display is any indication, he has access to some outstanding corals.

The SPS in this tank exhibit some interesting growth forms presumably due to the lower-than-usual flow rates observed in the video.  Unfortunately, not much information is available about this display. The tank appears to be maintained at a LFS … a very fine LFS indeed. (see comments at bottom for details about this home aquarium)

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