Stay Updated with Advanced Aquarist for the Latest News

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Stay Updated with Advanced Aquarist for the Latest News

Stay connected with Advanced Aquarist!

Since going live with our new website, we’ve had a lot of interest in knowing how to keep abreast of our latest articles, blog posts, and events that we post here on a daily basis. We currently have five ways you can stay connected with our latest content:

1. Follow us on Facebook

As of today, we have greater than 1,100 Facebook fans. Join on our Facebook Page and keep up to date with the articles and blogs from our website and our news feed.  We only post our best content (1-2 posts per day).

2. Subscribe to our RSS Feed

RSS is a great way to stay connected with Advanced Aquarist — especially if you live in Google Reader like I do. Articles, blog posts, and events are all syndicated to our RSS feed and show up within within an hour of us posting new content on our website.

3. Follow us on Twitter

For our tweeters, subscribe to Advanced Aquarist’s tweet at  Clients like TweetDeck make this a nice way to keep on top of all of the people you follow.

4. Subscribe to our eMail list

For those of you that would rather be emailed updates from us, we offer an email subscription (over 3,100 subscribers to date). Send an email to [email protected] to be instantly subscribed to our email list. Not to worry about email clutter … This is a low volume list, with emails only going out 1-2 times per month.

5. Create a Disqus account

Lastly, register for a Disqus account and use it to post comments on our site. With an account, you will be instantly updated when anyone comments on a post you’re subscribed to.



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