Sunbrite gave us a sneak peek of theie new LED fixtures, what they are calling the F-Series.  These new systems include a wide variety of different colored LEDs including red, green, royal blue, UV, and a 5W white XPG.  The individual colors can be controlled independently via knobs on the driver box.  You can also control many aspects of the programming, such as sunrise/sunset, lighting, and colored presets via Wifi or a supplied iPhone app.  A variety of mounting options include legs, hanging kits, and a solution to retrofit into a canopy.  Prices are as follows: 24″ $750, 36″ $900, 48″$1000, 60″ $1200, and a huge 72″ for only $1500.  More details are available on their website HERE.  Follow the link for an addtional photo showing the light over a frag tank.

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