Sunlight Supply has just released a major update to one of the most popular lighting systems of all time.  The Maristar 2 improves on the versatility of the original by adding 2 additional T5 sockets and integrated 1/2W LEDs for a cool moonlight effect.  The Maristar now sports integrated timers for daylight/nightlight control.  This is a well needed update and confirms that there is still life left in Metal Halides, and you can have your cake and eat it too with 4 T5 actinic supplements and the built in LEDs.  Having used one of these systems for 3 years I can tell you it is a workhorse and requires very little maintenance.  The Maristar can be hung or can stand independently over your 48″ tank with an optional leg kit.  Availability will be posted on the Sunlight Supply page shortly.  Additional photos below:

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