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reefs.comSunnyRimlessDo you remember seeing the name SunnyX around forums? Do you remember drooling over all of his gorgeous pictures? Do you remember reading about organic carbon dosing, T5 lighting and keeping systems simple from one of the reef aquarium masters of our time? I do. And I’m lucky enough to be local to this fantastic aquarium guru and have known him for a decade now. Recently SunnyX (Sonny Harajly) has been teasing us on Facebook with notions of starting a new aquarium, and has even launched a new website called Reef Site. I highly recommend perusing the site and gaining a little knowledge, if not just to refresh what you already know. A little bird told me that we may even be graced with future articles from  Sonny linked right here on For now, follow the break for some more amazing pictures from Sonny’s past aquariums. Credit for all photos goes to Sonny.



Sonny’s famous in-wall aquarium.



Sonny’s large “Shallow Rimless” reef.


Close up of Sonny’s in-wall reef.



Sonny’s sump for “Rimless Reef”. Sonny always preached the “K.I.S.S.” method (Keep It Simple Stupid) which has been my go-to for years. Large skimmer as the heart of your L.S.S., good water flow, and proper husbandry go a long ways. This sump had a powerhead in the bottom to keep detritus suspended, and relied on two-part additions to keep Alk and Ca stable. This system also relied on carbon dosing to keep nutrients at bay.


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