The eBay description states:

The Bodianus sanguineus is among one of the rarest fish in the aquarium trade. Until about 10 years ago there existed only one image of a live specimen taken from a deepwater submersible at over 600 feet. The sunrise hogfish, Bodianus sanguineus is a resident of very deep Hawaiian reefs.  This fish is nearly 5″ long and looks awesome, we have had it for a couple weeks and he is eating great and doing wonderful. You are bidding on a very rare but hardy fish. Because of the rarity of this fish it will only be shipped overnite first delivery, however if you live within 500 miles of my location I will personally deliver the fish to make sure it gets to you as quick as possible.

Link to the one-day eBay listing. Keep in mind Nebraska Aquatic Supply’s in-store asking price is $4,500, so the reserve is probably very high.

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