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The L.E.D. market is full of hot contenders, but I’m still looking for that golden fixture that holds all the markers of something revolutionary. This fixtures needs to first and foremost grow coral. It also needs to be well built, easy to use and not break the bank.

Sunshine Systems has been in the grow light industry for several years now and knows what it takes to bring this perfect combination into reality. They recently decided to make a foray into the reef lighting industry and have done nothing but impress me so far.

Their Grow Spot bulbs based on a PAR platform are very well designed small lights that should do well as accent, pico lights or refugium lighting. I’m currently testing one on my refugium, so I’ll have results soon.

They also make a 32 watt AquaPanel for shallower applications and a monstrous 90 watt AquaUFO for deeper applications. I know what you’re all thinking. UFOs are all manufactured over seas anyway, and this is true, but what we outside the L.E.D. industry don’t see is the design time that is needed before manufacture. These Sunshine Systems L.E.D. fixtures are specifically designed by an engineer right here on U.S. soil before being built to order over seas.

As a Sunshine Systems rep told me, everything down to the angle of the optics is designed before manufacture. He also stated that a huge amount of research, with the help of NOAA, went into these lights before any were even put on paper.

The newest models will be Sunshine System’s second generation of UFO lights, and they have made some revisions based on the reef communities requests. They now come in black, and are made to be linkable for up to three units. Ask and we shall receive.

Now for the best part, the pricing. Sunshine Systems is definitely right on track for what I’d like to see retailing the GrowSpot for $79.99, UFO for only $299.99 and the Panel for only $149.99.

These should be promising systems with all the key ingredients, but the proof is always in the testing, so stay tuned for some hands on time with the UFO in the near future…

Sunshine Systems can be found on the web at: Sunshine Systems
Their Aqua line doesn’t appear to be up for grabs yet, but I’ll keep you updated.


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