Using Lanthanum Chloride in a Reef, Too Risky?

There are a number of ways to control phosphates in a reef tank. A protein skimmer and regular water changes will help to keep phosphates in check as will bio pellets. You can also use macro algae in an algae scrubber, algae reactor or...

Another Option for an AEFW Dip

For many years I used Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer as a dip to kill AEFW on SPS frags. Bayer is a garden insecticide and it will not only kill AEFW, but Red Bugs as well. But here is the thing, Bayer is hazardous to humans and, thus, you must be extremely careful when using the product as a dip. To be on the safe side it is a good idea to use latex gloves, a mask and protective eye wear. Another downside to using Bayer is that the liquid is milky white. This makes it extremely difficult to spot any AEFW that may fall off a frag during the dipping process. Fortunately, other options besides Bayer exist. One is potassium chloride. If you own a water

Collagen is not Just for Baywatch Babes!!

A good diet, washing your face and using moisturizers help to fight against the physical signs of aging, but it’s not a biological fix.  So what is? Collagen is known as the anti-aging protein. It’s a major building block in bones, ligaments and muscles and gives skin...
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