Tunze Shows Off New Care Magnet Algae Scraper

More new products from Tunze today, as they’ve unveiled their magnetic algae scraper at Interzoo. Called the Care Magnet, this new scraper sports a thin, ergonomic handle to which plastic blades are attached at either end. This patented algae scraper has an inconspicuous profile within the aquarium, making it less obtrusive to the look of the tank while also letting it slip behind rocks, plants, and corals with ease. The Care Magnet’s patented features center around the scrapers themselves. It uses plastic blades of varying lengths, which place different pressures on the glass or acrylic during its use. This allows the narrow blade to remove tough algae, such as coralline, while the wide blade allows the magnet to tackle larger areas or places where the algae is easier to remove. This unique design allows the Care Magnet to work in tight corners and even on curved aquariums, while at the same time not scracthing up the inside of the tank. The inner magnet is said to be 3mm from the walls of the aquarium, which prevents sand from getting stuck between it and the glass. That said, the strenth of the magnets is said to make separation of the scraper “nearly impossible”. In addition to that, the blades on one end can be removed, effectively turning the Care Magnet into a handheld algae scraper

New RoboSnail Model Lets the Automated Cleaner Tackle Larger Aquariums

The RoboSnail has long been one of those dream devices that would help aquarists automate those daily, mundane activities that make maintenance a total drag. Since its release to the general public at MACNA 2012, however, it has been limited to folks with just average sized aquariums. The entry level model, dubbed the RSV1A, was only good for tanks with glass up to 0.40″ (10mm) thick. This limited the RoboSnail to pretty much everything with 3/8″ glass or less, a common glass thickness for most standard sized aquariums of 100-gallons and less. But what about those with larger tanks? Fortunately, for the big boys on the block, the RSV1A.5 was just announced. This new model differs from the original only in the fact that it can clean tanks with 1/2″ thick glass. And while that tiny little quarter of an inch may not seem like much, it opens up a whole new world for the RoboSnail. We’re talking about aquariums well over 200-gallons, in most cases

See-Clear Algae Magnet Sleeves Keep Those Pesky Scratches Out of Acrylic Aquariums

Magnetic algae scrapers can be your best friend or your worst enemy. On one hand, they remove most of that pesky algae off the walls of the aquarium without having to get your arm and half of your body wet. On the other, the pads of the scraper can can cause numerous scratches in both glass and acrylic setups, especially if you get a little overly excited with the back and forth motions of algae scraping. Fortunatey, the guys at SEE-CLEAR have a novel solution to this problem with their new Magnet Sleeve. The SEE-CLEAR Magnet Sleeve is a very simple product. It is a soft sleeve that fits over an algae magnet and provides an acrylic-safe barrier between the often harsh pads of the scraper and the walls of your aquarium. It is washable and comes in four sizes to match all of the popular sizes of algae magnets. Despite the item’s instant marketability toward the acrylic aquarium crowd, don’t feel the need to ignore a the Magnet Sleeve just because you have a glass aquarium. Glass tanks are not invincible. They too can scratch at the hand of an algae magnet. The sleeve would work well on any magnet on any type of aquarium, so if you have even the slightest concern, why not check it out? Our only concern with a sleeve like protector such as this is how it might hamper the magnet’s cleaning abilities. Additionally, would the sleeve provide a false sense of security? We realize these two scenarios will vary wildly from user to user, but regardless of the potential drawbacks, we’d rather be safe than sorry. SEE-CLEAR is a company that specializes in refinishing plastics of all kinds, with a certain knack for acrylic. So, it’s only natural that their expertise would find some use in the aquarium trade.

MACNA Coverage: Robosnail

Tired of manually scraping the aquarium glass of unwanted algae? Wish there was something that would do it for you so you can have an unobstructed view of your little piece of ocean at all times? Enter the world of Robosnail, an automatic glass cleaner designed to...
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