Cassiopea, Curacao Jellyfish

Cassiopea (upside-down jellyfish) is a genus of true jellyfish and the only members of the family Cassiopeia. They are found in warmer coastal regions around the world, including shallow mangrove swamps, mudflats, canals, and turtle grass flats in Florida, and the Caribbean. The medusa usually lives upside-down on the bottom, which has earned them the common name. Where found, there may be numerous individuals with varying shades of white, blue, green and brown. They have a mild sting since they are primarily photosynthetic, but sensitive individuals may have a stronger reaction. The photosynthesis occurs because, like most corals, they host zooxanthellae in their tissues

Banded Tube-Dwelling Anemone, Cnidarians

Good morning from the Caribbean. I have a wild looking “Photoshopped” Banded Tube-Dwelling Anemone for you all today that I shot on a macro night dive at Playa Jeremi a few weeks ago with the Smithsonian aboard the Chapman. I was joined on this fun night dive by our buddy Christina and although it was an area with pure sand we managed to keep ourselves busy for a full hour. Our first find was not one but two super colorful hermit crabs in shells that looked like a moss covered rock, I will send those photos as well. We then came across a beautiful octopus hunting in the sand which I did get a nice video of being that I was smart enough to have Christina carry the new Ikelite/Gopro setup for just such an encounter