Neptune Apex Heartbeat

Does your Apex have a heartbeat? This brand-new update for fusion will notify you immediately if there is a power outage or a network failure, so you can check your system right away and rectify the...

Seneye Aquarium Monitors; Why Monitoring Ammonia is Important

As expected, MACNA 2016 in San Diego, delivered another crop of new and innovative products into the aquarium market. There were so many exciting products on display and we look forward to reviewing many of them for you in coming days and weeks. We wanted to start with one of our favorites, the Seneye Reef Monitoring System and PAR Meter.   Seneye’s owner and founder, Matt Stevenson, is an avid supporter of MACNA, the aquarium industry and hobbyists.  As one of the supporters of AquaNerd, Matt was kind enough to give us a personal demonstration of the functions and features of Seneye’s exciting new product. We have watched with keen interest as Seneye has become recognized and popular among aquarists around the world. So what’s so unique about
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